Calibration and quality control systems

Performance is monitored both from an engineering point of view, utilizing selected housekeeping data (covering thermal, electrical and mechanical aspects), and from a scientific point of view utilizing spectral data (to monitor the optical properties of the instrument and ultimately to derive correction factors to compensate for instrument degradation in the level 0 to 1 processing), in particular in-flight calibration data.

The Quality Control is an independent facility in charge of the systematic quality control of any product generated by the Processing Centre.

This activity requires expertise on the definition, implementation and validation of the different processing algorithms, understanding of the instrument characterization and the knowledge of the key parameters that affect the image performance.

GMV has been responsible for the implementation of the SMOS products quality check integrated within the SMOS ground segment. A tool was also developed for automatic quality checks to be performed over GOME-2 products in order to assess the quality of the products before the delivery to the users.

GMV has supported ESA and primes in different in-orbit verification activities during mission commissioning with the development of different tools to carry the required performance tests of the instrument and by on-site support to complement ESA and the instrument contractor in the process of running the IOV (GOME-2, GRAS).

GMV implemented the performance monitoring algorithms and the analysis tools for assessing the GOME-2 instrument performance. The tool receives processed calibration products and generates processing parameters to update the processing chain.