Test Benches

Over the years, GMV has designed and developed different automated test benches for various hardware and electronic parts. These activities have led to the accumulation of technological know-how in areas such as data capture and analysis, and test sequence preparation and automation.

GMV has experience with EADS’s SEAS, AIDASS, TESIS and MaTE test environments, and with the test solutions from National Instruments and dSPACE.

Also noteworthy is GMV’s participation in ATLANTE’s integration rig (Overall System Integration Rig: OSIR) where it has delivered a rig system for the Flight Control Computer, a sensor simulation system and fleet-management system based on TESIS technology, a rig GPS and RGPS simulator plus a simulator of OSIR’s ATOL station.

For the ATLANTE project GMV also had to develop electronic test benches for automatic checking of the developed cards, an FCC checking rig, also based on TESIS technology and similar to the one delivered for OSIR, plus diverse environmental and EMI test benches.

Likewise worthy of mention here is the flight-testing test bench developed for ATLANTE, called SDAS (Sensor Data Acquisition System) which facilitates flight characterization of navigation sensors (GPS, IMU, magnetometer and radar-altimeter) before the RPAS’s maiden flight.