GMV has been responsible has for a significant participation in the design and development of many different types of aviaton simulators, including:

  • Full Flight Simulators. GMV has participated in the development of the flight simulators of the following aircraft: C-101 Aviojet, C-130 Hercules, Eurofighter Typhoon (ASTA simulator, Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids) AND CN-235 (Spanish, Turkish and Korean versions).
  • It has also taken part in specification tasks of the simulator of the C-295 aircraft, in finite element simulation of the aircraft A-310 Boom Demo, A-330 MRTT, A-330 FSTA as part of the inflight refueling projects and in the test phase of the ATR-72 aircraft simulator.
  • Engineering simulators used for concept and design validation of aircraft systems. One example is the A400M landing gear simulation model (extension, kneeling and steering) developed with the Airbus AP2633 procedure.
  • Operational research simulators: used to assess mission and weapon systems in different scenarios.