Design of onboard hardware

For many years now GMV has been developing system hardware as part of advanced fleet-management systems and for defense.

This experience and expertise has been progressively transferred to the avionics field, where GMV has designed the hardware of the mission support system developed for the Dauphin helicopter of the Secretariat General of Maritime Fishery (Secretaría General de Pesca Marítima: SGPM). Special mention must also go to GMV’s participation in the development of the tactical UAV, ATLANTE, where GMV is responsible for supplying such a critical avionics item as the Flight Control Computer (FCC) plus other ground systems:

  • The FCC is one of ATLANTE’s most critical pieces of equipment, responsible as it is for navigation, guidance and control, with mission-abort capacity. The development of this system also involved the electronic development of cards, thermal and structural design of the system and also the performance of extensive environmental and EMI tests, as well as complex system- and hardware-testing systems.
  • GMV is also responsible for ATLANTE’s Automatic Take-Off and Landing (ATOL) station, located in the aircraft’s ground control station (GCS). This improves navigation precision in approach phases to achieve Automatic Take-Off and Landing (ATOL).
  • GMV is also responsible for developing a flight-line tool (Ground Support Element: GSE) for RPAS ATLANTE: the Flight Test Computer (FTC), which checks the state of the FCC and carries out various maintenance and reconfiguration tasks.