Approach and landing systems

Since the mid-eighties, GMV has been involved in the development of GNSS-based systems for aircraft navigation, approach and landing in low visibility conditions, for both mobile platforms and unprepared airstrips. ATLANTE ATOL system, operational in 2012, represents the culmination of the activities in Relative-GNSS PALS that started in the 90s with the demonstrator successfully tested by the Spanish Navy on the aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias. Within these activities mention must also be made of the Relative-GNSS PALS project, successfully put through its paces by the Spanish navy in the aircraft carrier Príncipe de Asturias in the nineties.

The ATLANTE ATOL system, up and running since 2012, represents the culmination of these activities, ensuring high navigation precision in the terminal flight phase and enabling automatic landing of RPAS ATLANTE, coming through all flight campaigns with flying colors.