Public transport

GMV now boasts a track record of over 20 years in developing ITS solutions and can now bring all this expertise to public transport operators and authorities, offering them a solution tailor made to meet their particular needs

ITS for road transport

Planning bus lines and their schedules and optimizing necessary resources (drivers, and buses), doing so swiftly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost, is now possible with gmv planner. This planner makes it much easier for operators to keep their service promise to passengers. On the strength of its state-of-the-art interfaces, adaptation to mobile platforms and powerful optimization engine, used by major operators running fleets of over 1000 vehiclesgmv planner has been taken up by clients in various countries such as Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Malaysia and Finland.

Once the transport network has been defined, together with its schedules and resource-planning, GMV’s inhouse intelligent transport management system (ITMS) then comes into its own. This all-in system allows bus operators to run their fleets and make decisions in real time, then performing a post-service debriefing afterwards. GMV’s ITMS is continually being upgraded to meet the ongoing needs of our 100+ clients worldwide, phasing in new, groundbreaking functions like assessment of driving quality and eco-driving, management of emergencies and ridership counting. Another key aspect in the development of our systems is customer- and passenger-satisfaction. Any would-be passengers can now gain real-time access to trustworthy transport information from any spot and through various channels (Web, mobile APPs and information panels).

transladem is an inhouse GMV solution for running public transport services in low-population areas to ensure service efficiency and profitability. Services are planned and managed dynamically to meet the actual passenger demand at each moment.

GMV’s range in this sector is rounded out with its electronic fare-collection systems, using innovative channels and resources; these systems allow for flexible fare-system configuration and ensure the trustworthiness of fare-collection figures. Our 300+ clients using GMV’s ticketing products vouch for the viability and demand-driven flexibility of our systems.