Railway Video Surveillance Solution

Designed for the railway market, DV-rec covers the needs in all kind of fleets, from high-speed trains to local trains or trams.

DV-rec’s on-board equipment is ruggedly designed and fully compliant with the main railway standards.


  • Its distributed architecture provides high scalability, allowing easy system extension just by adding more DVR units.
  • Full digital architecture. The whole system is distributed on an Ethernet backbone. Power-over-Ethernet cameras are used, providing easier system installation and maintenance
  • Network redundancy could be optionally provided
  • The entry-level system is composed of 1 DVR and up to 12 cameras. The number of cameras could be increased to meet the specific needs of any particular application, installing additional DVRs. The final architecture will be configured according to the required parameters (type of coding/compression, image resolution, frame rate…)
  • Touch screens are installed in both cabins to provide the driver with a live view and video playback. Additional terminals can be installed in the network (supervision terminals)
  • DV-rec processes some on-board signals, such as ‘open-doors’ and ‘active cabin’, to perform automatic transitions to different states




  • Recording formats: H.264, MPEG-4
  • High variety of cameras supported
  • Records at every resolution and frame rate supported by the camera
  • Label overprinted on recorded videos with: train number, timestamp and camera number
  • Automatic camera configuration: resolution, frame rate, date/time synchronization
  • System time synchronization: either from own GPS receiver (external antenna needed), or from on-board time server (via NTP protocol)
  • GPS support, for recorded images positioning
  • Camera covering/tampering detection
  • Disk redundancy (RAID1) management

DV-rec implements live view and video playback functions for the driver, on the HMI unit located in both cabins.

  • Internal and external cameras can be managed separately. Manual or automatic switching (using open-doors signals)
  • Loop switching in each group of cameras: manual or automatic (configurable timer)
  • Screen arrangements: 2x2 mosaic, and full screen mode (selectable).
  • Very low latency. Allow the use of using external cameras as rear-view mirrors
  • Tracking cameras in both cabins, to record the route Automatic selection
  • System performance supervision from the driver’s interface


DV-desk is an integrated application which allows downloading and playing of the recorded videos, as well as system monitoring and configuration.

  • Downloading filtering: by train number, by time period, by camera
  • Local tracks management. Filtering and classifying
  • Wired Ethernet downloading or wireless Wifi downloading. Direct downloading detaching SSD disk, with optional cradle
  • Video playback modes: single video, NxN mosaic, Asymetric mosaic