Electronic Toll Systems

The new tax and traffic control policies that seek to alleviate problems with financing, congestion and pollution have aroused enormous expectations in central and local administrations. GMV has extensive experience in the research and development of advanced Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems based on satellite positioning (GNSS), which make it possible to apply the necessary payment for use (road charging) or payment for congestion (congestion charging) policies in a flexible manner.

The main objective of the solution developed by GMV is to guarantee that charges to vehicles are not affected by occasional errors in the positioning system. In other words, it seeks to guarantee charging integrity. The system then provides irrefutable and auditable evidence that justifies the amount to be collected, limiting the probability of justified complaints and assuring that it will stand against waiver.

GMV's mobile GNSS device, ALLROAD Integrity, is based on GPS and EGNOS. In addition to providing the approximate position of the vehicle, like any commercial GNSS receiver would do, it also provides what we call a Protection Radius. The Protection Radius defines a circle around the position. The real position of the vehicle is guaranteed to be in this radius with a probability of nearly 100% (1.-1.10-7).

GMV's solution considerably reduces the cost of a GPS-based toll system, making the use of this technology viable, so it can be applied to urban congestion control systems or even national general-use toll systems.

Along these same lines, GMV has also developed a mobile unit called U10T (and its successor U20T), which provides the various GNSS-based electronic-tolling functions; it also incorporates a DSRC (5.8 GHz) module to facilitate control or enforcement tasks or to be used as an electronic tolling tag.

The U10T is a highly reliable and precise toll-calculating device, incorporating technology patented by GMV for this very purpose.

The U10T electronic-toll equipment forms part of a family of onboard devices designed and built by GMV for various purposes in the railway, public-transport, fleet-management and automotive sectors, incorporating all GMV’s expertise in satellite navigation and onboard equipment to produce a competitively priced electronic road-toll system.