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  • Syncormatics O

    GMV completes its Syncromatics takeover

    GMV has now completed its takeover of Syncromatics, a technology company specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS) or Software in the Cloud solutions for the public intelligent transportation systems (ITS) market. This agreement forms part of the investment initiated by GMV in ...
  • CDTI 0

    CDTI, 40 years of Spanish entrepreneurial innovation

    Spain’s Industrial Technology Development Center (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) is a mainstay underpinning Spain’s entrepreneurial sector. Coming under the Ministry of Economics, Industry and Competitiveness (Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad), ...
  • Roberto Galán Martín, Software Architect of GMV Secure e-Solutions, at Open Expo 2017

    How Open Source encourages innovation and boosts company fleet-footedness

    The market and users are becoming increasingly demanding and discerning; content-access channels are diversifying; response times are shrinking and changes need to be brought in deftly and swiftly. The new microservice-oriented architectures, cloud environments and continuous deployment ...
  • GMV develops ubic, cloud smartphone technology

    GMV develops ubic, cloud smartphone technology

    In the buildup to the Mobile World Congress, the Spanish multinational GMV unveils ubic, an inhouse development that enables a virtual Android to be fitted in any smartphone, with all the consequent advantages such as security management and versatility. ubic is the result of an ...
  • A comprehensive platform of precision agriculture that combines multiple technologies; IoT, Big Data, Fleet Management and Earth Observation

    A platform to achieve a Precision Agriculture

    GMV made a presentation at the Seminar of Jaspersoft about wineo platform. A comprehensive platform of precision agriculture that combines multiple technologies; IoT, Big Data, Fleet Management and Earth Observation, to meet the different needs that arise in modern agriculture (from ...
  • MxA_0

    GMV, present at the annual meeting of Women for Africa

    Mónica Martínez Walter, president of GMV and board member of the foundation called Women for Africa (Mujeres por África, shortened to “MxA”), presided over by María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, was present at the NGO’s annual assembly on 16 November last. Held under ...
  • AE 0

    GMV wins Actualidad Económica’s Innovation Prize

    On 19 November last Madrid’s Ritz hotel hosted the prize-giving ceremony of the Madrid Region Business Success Awards, given by the trade review Actualidad Económica in collaboration with Bankia. GMV was awarded the Innovation Prize in recognition of its 30-year track record ...