Value-Added Services

GMV has knowledge and experience in areas such as mobility, the cybersecurity, and management of telecommunications platforms

In all the years of experience in the Telco sector, GMV has participated in numerous developmental projects in the area of Value-Added Services, which have contributed with important benefits for the operators. These services have been developed according to the strictest standards of performance, scalability, stability and high availability. Additionally, their development contributed to the acquisition by GMV's of extensive knowledge on operator's procedures in Core Network environments as well as on the Information Systems supporting the operator's business.

Examples of these services include:

  • Roaming Service Platforms
  • Corporate Messaging Portals
  • Self-care Services via USSD and SMS
  • Customer Service via USSD, SMS and MMS
  • Message Emission Management Platform
  • Group Services (Qtal!, A2, etc.)
  • IVR Services (news, e-mail, etc.)




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