Technology Consulting

GMV has knowledge and experience in areas such as mobility, the cybersecurity, and management of telecommunications platforms

Capacity Planning
GMV's extensive experience in the installation and configuration of large infrastructures has enabled us to define a methodology to carry out tasks associated with Capacity Planning, which helps determine which resources are necessary to meet processing needs in the most efficient and accurate way.

Platform Re-engineering
The extensive experience with Telco Platforms enables GMV to provide their clients with the necessary knowledge to perform a functional study (based on GMV’s unique methodology) on their current platforms so that these platforms may satisfy user’s future needs, as well as the optimization of the investments made on these platforms.

System Consolidation and Virtualization 
The emergence of increasingly powerful hardware architectures at competitive prices enables the consolidation of services offered through dispersed systems. GMV has extensive experience in consolidation projects, which result in the following benefits:

  • Substantial improvement on Maintainability
  • High Availability
  • Environment Standardization
  • Reusability of licenses
  • Greater use of the Hardware

Likewise, the emergence of powerful hardware architectures has enabled the evolution of System Virtualization, which allows several operating systems to run with their corresponding services within a single hardware architecture.




GMV’s Telecommunications clients