Introduction to Security Diagnosis, Planning and Management

GMV has knowledge and experience in areas such as mobility, the cybersecurity, and management of telecommunications platforms

GMV has extensive experience performing security diagnoses assessments for the Telecommunications industry, from purely technical services associated with GPRS, WAP, WiFi Audits, Kiosks, to Ethical Hacking, Web Application Testing, Forensic Analysis, communications status, or network fragmentation, through the evaluation of comprehensive controls and security maturity status, to carrying out risk analyses of Systems, or projects and services prior to production.

Nevertheless, it is in Security Planning where GMV demonstrates a greater added value through the establishment of the steps that the Organization must follow to attain the security necessary in accordance with its requirements and budgets. Business Security and Continuity Plans are two types of projects that provide great value for Telcos.

Along with diagnosis and planning, GMV has experience in the implementation of mechanisms, frameworks and models of security management, which support decision-making, criteria consolidation, and evaluation and implementation in accordance with an organization's policies. The most significant results in this area are the achievement of Security Management Systems and the development of measures, metrics and indicators that constitute the Security Control Panel.




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