Managed IT Services

GMV has knowledge and experience in areas such as mobility, the information security, and management of telecommunications platforms

Help Desk Services
Help Desk services provide assistance for questions or issues regarding the operation of running systems. This service includes assistance with the creation and management of failures, operating problems, and routine reports, as well as operation and maintenance documentation.

Software Maintenance

  • Corrective Maintenance : Provision and installation of software delivery for the repair of operating failures for proprietary software
  • Preventive Maintenance: Administration and operational management activities aimed to ensure up-to-date performance without increasing functionality (log files analysis,…)
  • Perfective Maintenance: Development of updates for proprietary software and installation of updates for third-party software.

Repair Management 24/7
Repair Management deals with the activities related to system repair, with service conditions adapted to critical systems.
Service conditions depend on the level of failure, in accordance with the following: Critical / Serious / Minor 

Platform and Services Monitoring
Platforms and Services Monitoring services focus on the detection of service incidents and of security incidents (relating to data integrity and confidentiality).
This service is generally based on the installation of a monitoring infrastructure that receives continuous data from the managed systems. The monitoring service operates on a 24 x 7 basis.




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