Solutions for Secure Internet Access

GMV's commitment to a constant investment in Research, Development and Innovation, as well as the mastering of technologies, allowing the development of solutions to the social development

GMV has over 15 years of experience and has become a point of reference among companies providing logical security for the design, provision, integration and configuration of perimeter security environments that provide Public Administrations with safe access to the Internet as well as the publication of teleservices, thus maximizing the reduction of the risks encountered while interconnecting with public, and therefore non-secured, networks.

GMV has become the technological partner of the most prominent manufacturers of communications and security products, and has certified professionals who are specialized in the corresponding technologies. It is important to point out that GMV is not limited to the integration of different technologies based on the highest security standards.

Thanks to its experience and superior knowledge of the different technologies and products, GMV goes further and indicates, when advisable, the most important points that should be considered in order to maximize the capabilities offered by each product as well as to avoid an inaccurate or potentially dangerous configuration.