Messaging and Mobile Solutions

GMV's commitment to a constant investment in Research, Development and Innovation, as well as the mastering of technologies, allowing the development of solutions to the social development

GMV's messaging and mobile solutions for Public Administrations have been geared to:

  • Optimizing the relationship between citizens and the Administration, thus allowing communications between them through mobile channels. GMV's messaging and mobility solutions enable, for example, SMS’ delivery in connection with the status of an administrative procedure or results of competitive examinations, the possibility to allow citizen access to administrative information from different mobile terminals, or the delivery of specific information with additional value to citizens based on their geographic location.

  • Optimizing internal administrative processes through the administration and synchronization of different communication channels. GMV's messaging and mobile solutions allow, for example, notification of certain tasks pertaining to an administrative procedure to be made through different channels, or access to administrative management applications to be granted from mobile terminals.