Managed Services for Systems and Services Continuity II

GMV's commitment to a constant investment in Research, Development and Innovation, as well as the mastering of technologies, allowing the development of solutions to the social development


GMV provides Managed Services for Systems and Services Continuity through a group of engineers exclusively dedicated to support and maintain the applications as well as infrastructures. This service is focused on in-house solutions as well as other types of platforms, which were not developed or installed by GMV. The ongoing systems and services provided by GMV allow Public Administrations to use either remote or on-site support by a group of expert professionals as well as those resources which are essential in order to face the systems’ daily support requirements to manage their Data Processing Centers.

Managed Services for Systems and Services Continuity include:

Platform and Services Monitoring
The Platform and Services Monitoring service focuses on the detection of service incidents (i.e. infrastructure availability), and of security incidents (i.e. data integrity and confidentiality). Provision of this service is generally based on the implementation of a monitoring infrastructure that receives continuous data from the systems it manages. Such service allows for the delivery mode and level of service, 24x7.

Downtime Management
Downtime Management includes the activities related to systems repairs, with service conditions adapted to critical systems. To that effect, GMV has engineers with vast knowledge in the different technologies and with the ability to support applications as well as infrastructures on a 24/7 basis.

Settings Management

As far as Settings Management, this service stores updated and reliable data of the managed infrastructure, including data regarding the relationship between the different elements in order to facilitate future impact analyses, etc. It includes the verification and recording of all the changes in infrastructure, as well as periodical revisions to ensure the accuracy of each element's version. All this translates into greater problem-solving efficiency, faster execution of changes, better control of the hardware and software, improved security and compliance with legal requirements, additional help to control availability and capabilities, etc.
As an additional service, it includes the administration on behalf of the client, of the coordination, execution and follow-up of maintenance contracts with the system’s third-party hardware and software elements. Clients will be advised about the types of maintenance offered by each manufacturer or distributor, even when the client will be the one to ultimately decide the type of maintenance contracted.

Support and Maintenance
Several different services are included in Maintenance and Support ranging from the administration and operation of platforms, which includes the detection of potential failures, system performance degradation, or incorrect configurations that could interfere with the system’s accurate operation, to proprietary software maintenance services. Thus, we can distinguish between corrective maintenance (provision and installation of software delivery for the repair of operating failures), preventive maintenance (system administration and operational management activities aimed to ensure up-to-date performance), and perfective maintenance (development of software updates for proprietary software and installation of software updates for third-party software).

Help Desk
Finally, Help Desk services provide telephone, e-mail or web-based assistance for questions or issues related to the operation of running systems. This service includes assistance with the creation and management of failures, operating problems and routine reports, as well as operation and maintenance documentation.

Such services can be provided remotely as well as on-site, as required.