Electronic Mail and Collaborative Solutions

GMV's commitment to a constant investment in Research, Development  and Innovation, as well as the mastering of technologies, allowing the development of solutions to the social development

GMV specializes in the design and implementation of advanced mail architectures for Public Administrations and is responsible for the implementation of the architecture with the highest number of mailboxes currently in existence in Spain. GMV's e-mail solutions can be personalized from a myriad of basic architectures that can accommodate the needs and requirements of most institutions. Among the most outstanding are GMV's high performance architectures based on open source software.

In order to offer the aforementioned specs, GMV uses specific mail architectures that allocate the required functions to the different elements, which satisfy very concrete requirements for each of the protocols provided: relays-MTAs, mailboxes, webmail, multiplexors, mailhubs, etc. This core is complemented by a series of additional modules that greatly enhance communications and collaborations among users: calendar, distribution lists, instant messaging, blogs, communications security (https, pops, imaps, smtps, smtp auth), antivirus, antispam, personalization, statistics, access from mobile devices (PDAs, cell phones), etc.