Development of Customized Solutions for Electronic Administration

GMV's commitment to a constant investment in Research, Development and Innovation, as well as the mastering of technologies, allowing the development of solutions to the social development

GMV has extensive experience in identification and development of electronic administration solutions, as is the case with the use of information and communication technologies in Public Administrations for the purpose of improving public processes and services.

These solutions aim to offer citizens a faster and more hassle-free service thanks to the possibility of performing administrative operations online in accordance with the Lisbon Strategy. In Spain, the implementation of electronic administration (e-government) will be driven by the Law on Electronic Administration, which guarantees the citizens' right to access all administration services via teleprocessing.

In this context and in keeping with the objectives of Public Administrations, GMV offers the development of generic electronic services (payment, recording, notification, etc.), as well as of specific services (handling of licenses and permits, etc.) based on digital identification services (particularly, electronic ID’s).




GMV’s Public Administration clients