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  • Julio Vivero, GMV Business Partner, has taken part in EDA’s Cyber Defence Industry Day, dealing with the issue of security clearance for classified missions

    Security clearance for classified missions in the air & space domain

    The European Defence Agency (EDA) has put on in Brussels the Cyber Defence Industry Day to look at cybersecurity challenges in the air & space domain. Both domains comprise highly complex systems exposed to obvious and challenging cybersecurity risks. The conference addressed ...
  • MWC 0

    GMV takes part in the latest MWC

    From 25 to 28 February GMV will be present at the latest Mobile World Congress (MWC), which brings together every year the top handheld manufacturers and cutting-edge technology firms, turning Barcelona into the world technology capital. ...
  • The new risks make cybersecurity one of industry’s top priorities

    The new risks make cybersecurity one of industry’s top priorities

    Cybersecurity, coming more into its own day by day, has now become the main risk-combatting scenario of major institutions, both public and private. For this reason the Security Committee of the Spanish Association of Aeronautics, Defense and Space Technology Companies (Asociación ...
  • Javier Zubieta, Marketing and Communications Manager of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions sector, debates the latest technological trends in the IT Trends encounter

    Building the digital platforms of the future

    Cybersecurity strategies, different ways of using artificial intelligence and changes in business models are just some of the technological trends that came under the spotlight in the online encounter of the digital review IT Trends entitled “Building the digital platforms ...
  • VirtualPAC wins a security research (R&D) award

    VirtualPAC wins a security research (R&D) award

    For yet another year over 500 security experts attended the International Security Awards held for the 32nd time this year by Seguritecnia. These awards publicly recognize outstanding security companies and professionals. As such, GMV could hardly be missing from the ceremony. This ...
  • Javier Zubieta took part in the panel debating the integration of the IT and OT worlds at the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (PIC in Spanish initials) Congress

    Advocating the need for a real integration of the IT and OT worlds

    The National Critical Infrastructure Protection Center (Centro Nacional de Protección de Infraestructuras Críticas: CNPIC) and the Fundación Borredá once more came together to successfully organize for the sixth time the Congress on the Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Essential ...