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  • GMV’s Javier Zubieta talks about the importance of attracting talent to cybersecurity at the InnorMadrid forum

    How can cybersecurity be made attractive to any society grouping?

    The Association for the Promotion of Innovation in North Madrid (Asociación para el Fomento de la Innovación en Madrid Norte: InnorMadrid), in collaboration with the Tres Cantos Entrepreneurs Association (Asociación de Empresarios de Tres Cantos: AETC) and the Fundación Universidad ...
  • GMV’s Carlos Sahuquillo explained the importance of Blockchain and how a digital identity network could be made with this technology

    Creating a shared digital data repository with Blockchain

    The Big Data Analytics conference was eagerly awaited, with the ETSINF UPV conference room packed to the gunnels. Organized by the Big Data Analytics Master of Universidad Politécnica de Valencia it involved the participation of BBVA, GMV and Bankia. GMV spoke about Blockchain while ...
  • GMV included as a benchmark cybersecurity firm on ECSO’s Cybersecurity Market Radar

    GMV on ECSO’s Cybersecurity Market Radar

    The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) has just released the updated version of its Cybersecurity Market Radar, representing the European-based cybersecurity product vendors, service providers and consultancy firms. The Radar serves as a comprehensive visualization tool, ...
  • GMV goes to Santander to input its point of view and experience on issues as diverse as innovation, cybersecurity and autonomous driving

    The Moment of Digital Reindustrialization in Spain

    From 2 to 4 September Santander hosted the 33rd Telecommunications and Digital Economy Encounter (Encuentro de la Economía Digital y las Telecomunicaciones) organized by the Spanish Association of Electronics, Digital Contents and ICT Companies (Asociación de Empresas de Electrónica, ...
  • Victor Gaspar, GMV’s Country Business Manager in Colombia, took part in an expert defense panel during the cybersecurity conference put on by ICEX and INCIBE

    GMV, a benchmark cybersecurity firm in Colombia

    Colombia’s cybersecurity sector has been chalking up impressive growth rates in recent years. In the public sector 2019 has so far seen a 13% investment rise in projects carried out by the Ministry of Information Technologies. In the equally buoyant private sector pride of ...
  • GMV has brought its expertise and experience to the 2nd Cybersecurity Forum organized by the journal El Economista

    Cybersecurity to the fore: talent, outlay and recommendations

    GMV, together with other accredited cybersecurity spokespersons, has brought its expertise and experience to the 2nd Cybersecurity Forum organized by the journal El Economista. Javier Zubieta, Marketing and Communications Manager of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions sector, took part ...
  • GMV is collaborating in ATMIA Next Gent Champion, giving its view of what cybersecurity should look like in this new model, where the mutual interoperability of ATMs and cell phones opens the door to new risks that we must know how to tackle from day one.

    Is it possible to talk about ATMs in the digital banking transformation?

    We are now living in a digital era in which organizations have to cope with an ever-changing environment bristling with challenges and opportunities. Businesses and companies across the board are joining in the digital revolution, creating new ecosystems based on disruptive business ...
  • GMV wins a cybersecurity prize for its work on the Galileo project

    GMV wins a cybersecurity prize for its work on the Galileo project

    The Spanish cybersecurity sector is on a high for two reasons. Firstly “Securmática”, the Global Cybersecurity, Information-Security and Privacy Congress, organized by the trade review SIC, is celebrating its 30th anniversary: three decades offering an up-to-date overview ...