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  • GMV was one of the star turns at AMETIC’s Digital Encounter in Santander, participating in the cybersecurity-, healthcare and automotive-debates

    GMV giving the digital industry a voice with AMETIC

    Under the banner slogan ‘Giving the Digital Industry a Voice’, the Spanish Association of Electronics, Digital Contents and ICT Companies (Asociación de Empresas de Electrónica, Tecnologías de la Información, Telecomunicaciones y Contenidos Digitales: AMETIC) has ...
  • Non Human Behavior Analytics: Fight against Trojans with Apache Spark

    Non Human Behavior Analytics: Fight against Trojans with Apache Spark

    GMV is using artificial intelligence techniques to help cybersecurity teams prevent banking fraud in their fight against new-generation Trojans. Today’s tools are not able to detect certain types of malware, which typically fly under the radar of any user’s habitual operations. ...
  • GMV moderates the panel discussion

    GMV present at HIMSS Europe 2018

    The European arm of the world’s largest health IT membership organization, HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), has held its HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 Conference in Spain, with upfront participation by GMV. Julio Vivero, International Business ...
  • GMV’s Carlos Sahuquillo has given a paper at VLCSOFTING explaining the vulnerabilities that have come to light in connected cars and the main hacking entry-points

    Cybersecurity of the connected car; a worldwide problem

    2020 is set to be a watershed date in implementation of the totally connected car, the moment at which self-driving cars will be running on our roads. Automated driving cuts out human error, reduces the accident rate and makes life easier for passengers. As well as many advantages, ...
  • GMV explains the underlying Bitcoin technology and the risks of investments of this type

    Can I get rich by mining Bitcoins?

    For some years now cryptocurrencies have been generating interest and investment opportunities in equal measure. Speculation about a possible alteration in the value of some of them has only reactivated this interest. Inevitably, some myths have tagged along too, like how to earn ...
  • GMV has taken part in Faurecia’s Innovation Day, intervening in the Big Data and RFID debating panel

    Disruptive technologies drive us towards the car of the future

    The automotive sector is currently going through a process of change by tapping into the opportunities offered by disruptive technologies such as collaborative robotics, Big Data and virtual reality, without forgetting the cybersecurity threats that now need to be dealt with. These ...
  • GMV collaborates in implementation of the NIS Directive

    GMV collaborates in implementation of the NIS Directive

    GMV has provided twenty-three options for improvement in the transposition of the European NIS Directive into Spanish legislation, in such fields as penalizing mechanisms, the approach to security improvement of penalizing organizations, the CISO’s law-abidance role within ...