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  • Javier Zubieta, GMV’s Cybersecurity Business Development Manager shares GMV’s point of view on cybersecurity technology and solutions in the industrial field

    GMV accompanies TEDAE in its 1st Cybersecurity Conference

    On February 6 last, Madrid hosted the 1st Cybersecurity Conference organized by the Security Committee of the Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautics and Space Technologies (Asociación Española de Tecnologías de Defensa, Aeronáutica y Espacio: TEDAE ) to address various cybersecurity ...
  • CDTI 0

    CDTI, 40 years of Spanish entrepreneurial innovation

    Spain’s Industrial Technology Development Center (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) is a mainstay underpinning Spain’s entrepreneurial sector. Coming under the Ministry of Economics, Industry and Competitiveness (Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad), ...
  • GMV, as a benchmark cybersecurity firm, takes part in the panel discussion, with the intervention of Javier Zubieta

    GMV analyzes the importance of cybersecurity in Seville

    Ibercaja, with GMV’s collaboration, held in Seville an educational and awareness-raising session on one of today’s hottest topics: cybersecurity. National security experts looked at the key factors in heading off any cyberattacks and the main consequences of cybercrime ...
  • Mariano Benito, CISO of GMV Secure e-Solutions at the Congress of the Valencia Chapter of ISACA

    Cybercrime: How to prevent it, how to protect yourself?

    In the 11th Congress of the Valencia Chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA Valencia) Mariano Benito, CISO of GMV Secure e-Solutions, moderated the panel discussion on “Types of Cybercrime: Which crimes are actually being perpetrated?”, ...
  • GMV present at the 11th ENISE, organized by INCIBE under the banner of “Cybersecurity Challenges in a Connected World”

    Cyber-intelligence has to delve well beyond the obvious

    For yet another year, coinciding with the European Cybersecurity Week, Spain’s National Cybersecurity Institute (Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad de España: INCIBE) has put on the latest International Information-Security Meeting (Encuentro Internacional de Seguridad ...