Introduction to Security Planning

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Policy Development
The concept of security policy embraces the organization’s procedural development of security policies and practices. Right from the original establishment of managerial support through the declaration of the security policy and the drawing up of the policies, standards, procedures and instructions, GMV continually inputs the necessary expertise and experience to ensure sound security governance, bringing it to the widest possible audience and raising awareness of its importance.

Security Master Plan
The Security Master Plan lays down the necessary actions, control procedures and projects for short- and medium-term achievement of any organization’s security aims, reducing overall risk levels. One of its main remits is to strike the right balance between needs, technological feasibility and human and economic resources. The security master plan presents the global view overarching all the partial security improvement plans; this helps to minimize the vulnerability of the information system as a whole, optimizing risk-reduction efforts and establishing decision-taking and investment mechanisms.

Business Continuity Plan
The business continuity plan provides invaluable help in the event of certain occurrences or scenarios that might cause total or partial unavailability of an organization’s critical assets, whether technological or otherwise in nature. The plan’s final goal is to determine the necessary resources, establish the intervention teams and action procedures for recovering critical services as quickly as possible to minimize any economic losses or image impairment.




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