Security hardening of platforms and services

Providing Services and Technology Solutions for the security of Information Systems since 1993

GMV designs technological infrastructure to meet optimum security criteria. This involves the protection of platforms and services and, in particular, the protection of corporate infrastructure such as internet access and networks, mobility systems and data centers. GMV applies an inhouse methodology built up from its wide-ranging knowledge and experience; this enables it to graft security onto any service throughout its whole life cycle, from conception right through to final operation. This ensures top security levels to suit the needs and type of organization involved in each project.

Secure Corporate Infrastructure
GMV has tried-and-tested experience in incorporating security into corporate infrastructure and developing it accordingly afterwards. Working from the particular connectivity needs of each organization, GMV takes on integration and engineering projects to implement the necessary procedures and controls that guarantee system security and safeguard information of the elements regarded as critical. Its areas of specialization are: network centered (perimeter protection, anti DDoS, secure browsing, …), data centered (encryption, DLP, …), application-centered (WAF, secure coding, …), device-centered (anti-malware, IDSs, device control, …) and user-centered (IAMs, OTPs, …).




Some of GMV’s cybersecurity clients