Integration and Interoperability

 Helping to ensure the various IT systems of hospitals and hospital departments understand each other and the information flows freely between them


Within the healthcare field GMV has developed and set up epidemiology information systems that detect illness outbreaks, infectious or otherwise, and watch out for indicators of prevalence and incidence. The developed information systems manage the following phases: data integration with corporate patient healthcare systems (HIS, laboratories, population-based system, etc), data vetting on the basis of diagnosis standards and catalogues (CIE, SNOMED CT, etc.), obtaining epidemiological reports and the management of alarms and alerts, carrying out HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Electronic Health Record consolidation projects by transforming the various Electronic Health Records from different sources, consolidating and reconciling records in keeping with the CDA composition archetype based on the EN 13606 standard and according to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) of Medical Reports and then displaying this information dynamically, establishing processes that can be carried out online with no need for persistence

Another part of GMV’s expertise is the setting up of healthcare web communication platforms, facilitating collaboration between research institutes, departments and institutional communication.