Humanitarian aid involving sniffer dogs and GPS technology for rescuing victims in post-disaster areas

Some years ago GMV developed the osmógrafo, a revolutionary system for helping K9 search-and-rescue teams in post-disaster situations. Using GPS and weather sensors it tracks the dog’s scent trail and the area covered. The osmógrafo thus helps to pinpoint uncombed areas and greatly increases the chances of finding post-disaster victims alive.

The sniffer dogs are fitted with a GPS receiver and radio to transmit their position automatically to the control station. A database records the olfactory patterns of each dog and the system builds up an automatic map from the dogs’ scent runs through the affected area, making sure no area is left uncombed and no dog gets lost, quite a common occurrence when the dogs are searching large or abrupt zones or areas with reduced visibility.

The osmógrafo works from a laptop with the help of a weather recording device to measure wind-speed and -direction and positioning devices on collars specially designed for search-and-rescue sniffer dogs.