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  • CDTI 0

    CDTI, 40 years of Spanish entrepreneurial innovation

    Spain’s Industrial Technology Development Center (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) is a mainstay underpinning Spain’s entrepreneurial sector. Coming under the Ministry of Economics, Industry and Competitiveness (Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad), ...
  • Industry Day

    GMV present at Industry Day

    GMV participated in the Industry Day of the Body of Military Attachés accredited in Portugal, an event promoted by IDD - Platform of National Defense Industries and the General Staff of the Armed Forces - Liaison Office for Defense and Military Attachés. ...

    Equipping the defense systems of the future

    Helmet visors, radiocommunication devices, augmented reality systems, night-vision cameras, these are only some of the technological developments forming part of today’s soldier’s equipment. The breakthroughs in these systems have led to substantial improvements in soldiers’ ...
  • Robdos Team

    Robdos Team heads for the ERL Emergency Competition

    The team has been working since 2016 on its own autonomous underwater robot. The end in view is the ERL Emergency Robots 2017 competition. This competition poses a grand challenge involving realistic, multi-domain emergency-response scenarios that can only be overcome if land, underwater ...
  • Colombia 0

    GMV receives the Colombian Armed Forces

    Recently GMV's head office received a visit from a delegation of Colombia's Armed Forces. The delegation included figures of the importance of Major General Jorge Tadeo Borbón Fernández (Commander in Chief of the Colombian Airforce), General Flavio Enrique Ulloa (General Manager ...
  • MALE 0

    The new Chief of the Army’s Logistic Support Command visits GMV

    On 6 June, GMV’s site was visited by Lieutenant General Ramón Pardo de Santayana Gómez-Olea, Chief of the Army’s Logistic Support Command (JEMALE in Spanish initials). He was accompanied on this visit by the Division General Guillermo Fernández Sáez from the Logistics ...
  • Nato Conference 0

    GMV at Portugal´s latest NATO Conference

    Cyberspace has no physical borders; cyber threats are now acquiring increasing disruptive and destructive power. In light of these two crucial factors NATO’s strategic vision highlighted the need of setting-up a cooperative cyber defense capability in order to meet current ...