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  • CSD 0

    NATO turns to GMV technology for its new intelligence systems

    The technology multinational GMV has been awarded a contract by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) to develop the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance resource storage and dissemination system. The project, called Coalition Shared Data (CSD) Services, ...
  • MWC 0

    GMV takes part in the latest MWC

    From 25 to 28 February GMV will be present at the latest Mobile World Congress (MWC), which brings together every year the top handheld manufacturers and cutting-edge technology firms, turning Barcelona into the world technology capital. ...

    New milestone in the SISCAP project

    The Spanish Foot-Soldier System (Sistema Combatiente a Pie: SISCAP) project aims to develop and integrate technology that suitably equips soldiers for an efficient combat operation. This national program, kicking off in 2017, is broken down into 7 subsystems: Armaments and Munitions ...
  • ISDEFE 0

    System engineering under the spotlight

    On 25 October Spain’s first National System-Engineering Congress was held under the banner “An inter-sector view of system engineering in Spain”. With joint participation by industry, academia and the public at large, its remit was to swap notes on system engineering ...
  • Driver II

    France hosts the second Driver+ testbed trial

    From 22 to 26 October the head office of Entente Valabre, a French civil-protection organization, hosted the second of the four trials scheduled for the DRIVER+ project (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience). ...
  • AUREA 0

    GMV signs a collaboration agreement with AUREA Avionics

    GMV has signed a collaboration agreement with the technology firm AUREA Avionics. Under GMV’s overarching development strategy in the aerospace and defense markets this agreement sets out to boost the company’s capacity of supplying complete turnkey solutions. ...
  • MSPO 0

    The space sector at the service of defense

    GMV has once more taken part in Poland's International Defence Industry Exhibition (Międzynarodowy Salon Przemysłu Obronnego: MSPO). This tradefair is held yearly in Kielce, attracting the home and foreign industry to showcase defense technology and developments on land, sea and ...