Emergency and Crisis Management Systems

GMV has developed and implemented diverse emergency management systems applied to 112 centers, including:

  • GIS platforms
  • Front-end processors and integrators
  • Mobile resource management systems based on GMV’s inhouse operational management tool (HEGEO).

hegeo® has been conceived as a modular platform for the management of mobile resources in general and public service resources in particular, especially security and emergency resources (security forces, health emergencies, firefighting, 112 platforms, etc.) It has several modules whose complexity varies to suit user needs, allowing for all types of customization and parametrization. It is made up mainly by a communications management module, a GIS module, resource-dispatch and fleet-management module and a historical record and data-processing module. The flexibility of this tool and its ease of integration with other systems (call management systems, switching matrices, etc) make it ideal for emergency management purposes.

Mention must also be made here of GMV’s experience in developing GIS platforms for centers of this type, based on ESRI, the “de facto” market standard. GMV’s applications are integrated with other widely used management systems in emergency centers such as SENECA or SITREM.