Command and control systems

GMV develops and integrates command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems that process real-time information from various units (land, air, sea or space) and sensors present in the theater of operations, giving commanders the necessary situational awareness for running operations.

GMV’s activities in this area are geared towards the engineering, design and development of software/hardware, integration and maintenance.

GMV has developed a general command and control system that can then easily be customized to meet the needs of any particular system. It comprises:

  • Mission control, monitoring and planning systems.
  • Communication integrators and managers, facilitating the use of both civil and military communication resources, ranging from tactical resources to satellite broadband services.
  • Operator data display, using state-of-the-art ergonomic techniques, generation of synoptic diagrams, graph animation, geographic information systems, touchscreen interfaces, etc.
  • Integration of sensors such as target acquisition sensors and navigation systems.
  • Interoperability with NATO standards (JC3IEDM, MIP, AdatP3, NVG, DDS/GVA).

GMV is a benchmark supplier of artillery and infantry command and control systems for the Spanish MoD. Since 2016 it has been responsible for maintenance and development of the European External Action Service (EEAS)’s EUCCIS C2 system.