Access and Control Security Systems

GMV is an integrator of access- and presence-control and perimeter surveillance and security systems. It has all the technology and inhouse products as a manufacturer of alarm receiving centers certified under EN 50131, smart-card and RFID-card readers plus integrated software for control of access, management of personnel and visits, security and surveillance.

GMV offers its product SCA (access control system in Spanish initials), an integrated access- and presence-control and security system designed to control and oversee all access to various zones of multiple centers, allowing control over the employee’s working day and managing the integral security of all facilities.

SCA is a system that adapts to suit the actual management needs in each particular center, allowing each individual access in a given timeframe and route and keeping a record of all movements.

SCA allows all generated data to be stored for later reference and use for the purpose of access and presence control by means of readers, registration and deregistration of personnel, access profiles, etc.

SCA also has a built-in security system designed to safeguard buildings of any type. Should any type of intrusion occur while the system is on, alarms are tripped and the system sends a real-time warning to the alarm receiving center.

The system is modular so that one or other capacity may be activated to suit the actual needs of each particular client.

GMV’s solution in this field is totally open, totally integrated and complies with all the features and needs stipulated by the client.

The systems developed and manufactured by GMV are currently up and running in such important sites as the Ministry of Defense, the Constitutional Court, ships of the Spanish Navy and MAPFRE’s whole network of buildings and offices.