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  • Brussels

    GMV establishes a permanent Brussels Office

    GMV, boasting a strong EU footprint and established companies in seven member states, has now become the sixth biggest space employer among the large industrial groups. To match this growth, the company has announced the establishment of a permanent Brussels office to reinforce the ...
  • At AgroExpo GMV talks about innovation and the integration of technology as one of the mainstays of smart farming

    Innovation and digitalization, two drivers of today’s agriculture

    Innovation, digitalization and sustainability are all set to be key features of future farming. We have to be able to change our ways of farming, tapping into technology and harnessing all available data, in other words, farm smartly. GMV’s third-day speech at AgroExpo, a meeting ...
  • GMV has taken part in Cajamar’s encounter, inputting its expertise in digital transformation in the agrofood sector

    GMV inputs its remote-sensing and precision-agriculture expertise

    Agriculture is nowadays living through a digital transformation, bringing in more productive, efficient and sustainable forms of farming. First came the steam-driven mechanization of much farming work; next came electricity and fossil fuels. The third revolution, dubbed the green ...
  • GMV colabora en la IX Guía de Referencia Smart Energy de enerTIC con una perspectiva del potencial de la tecnología en el ámbito de la eficiencia energética y la sostenibilidad

    GMV collaborates in enerTIC’s 9th Smart Energy Reference Guide

    For yet another year GMV has collaborated in the Smart Energy Reference Guide. The 9th in the series bears the suffix “Technology for improving energy efficiency“ (Guía de Referencia Smart Energy "Tecnología para la mejora de la Eficiencia Energética). Under the ...
  • The privacy of both personal and confidential data is crucial in any organization taking data-based decisions

    Privacy for trustworthy AI in the 6th TIC Salud

    The privacy of both personal and confidential data is crucial in any organization taking data-based decisions. The downside is that privacy policies might balk any advanced data analysis or data-based training of AI algorithms. This was one of the keynote messages of José Carlos ...
  • GMV has participated in Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero’s ITH Innovation Summit, bringing to wider notice the latest news in innovation and technology as applied to the hospitality sector.

    Security in the hospitality sector

    The Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero has held the ITH Virtual Innovation Summit, an annual event held this year in online format. The summit’s purpose is to bring to wider notice the latest innovation and technology news in the hospitality sector. Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, ...
  • FP Dual

    GMV supporting top-quality education

    GMV has joined the Alianza Formación Profesional Dual (Dual Vocational Training Alliance), a state network in which businesses, academia and institutions join forces to boost employability on the strength of higher vocational studies. Its main aim is to meet the job market’s ...