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  • ENABLE Dublin II

    The European Commission reviews the results of the ENABLE-S3 project

    From 3 to 5 July, with two years of the project now run, IBM Research in Dublin (Ireland) hosted the general assembly, review and exhibition of ENABLE-S3 (European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems), presenting the developments and upgrades ...
  • GMV showcases in Bilbao the opportunities offered by collaborative robotics in digitalization of the industrial sector

    Collaborative robotics as a great opportunity in industrial automation

    Industry is currently going through a transformation process in which sterling challenges have to be properly assessed and considered to ensure business works more quickly, safely and efficiently. Automatization could be crucial here, turning collaborative robots (or cobots) into ...
  • GMV at Summer School Data gives a master class on decision making with machine learning models

    GMV at Valencia University’s Summer School Data

    Machine-learning models are now being increasingly used to automate decision-making processes. The downside is that decision-making based on machine learning can be unfair, recreating biased historical data. Machine learning’s impact on society, growing concerns about its transparency ...
  • Spearheading the change: the talent revolution

    GMV endorses the digital talent revolution

    The main problem faced by Spain’s technology firms today is the dearth of talent, a fact that clashes with the country’s sky-high unemployment figure. This reflection was made by Pedro Mier, president of the Spanish Association of Electronics, Digital Contents and ICT ...
  • JNR home

    The National Robotics Conference comes round again

    GMV has taken part in the National Robotics Conference (Jornadas Nacionales de Robótica), held on 14 and 15 June in Valladolid’s Industrial Engineers’ School (Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales). The event had a predominantly academic-researcher approach, divided into ...
  • GMV debates artificial intelligence, Blockchain and Industry 4.0 in the congress organized by IDiA

    Technological and digital innovation to meet clients’ needs

    Markets have evolved; competition has become fiercer and technology is allowing businesses to digitalize. We now have an armory of advanced techniques for obtaining information from clients as well as resources for automating processes and boosting efficiency. According to José Carlos ...
  • Non Human Behavior Analytics: Fight against Trojans with Apache Spark

    Non Human Behavior Analytics: Fight against Trojans with Apache Spark

    GMV is using artificial intelligence techniques to help cybersecurity teams prevent banking fraud in their fight against new-generation Trojans. Today’s tools are not able to detect certain types of malware, which typically fly under the radar of any user’s habitual operations. ...
  • GMV’s Carlos Sahuquillo has given a paper at VLCSOFTING explaining the vulnerabilities that have come to light in connected cars and the main hacking entry-points

    Cybersecurity of the connected car; a worldwide problem

    2020 is set to be a watershed date in implementation of the totally connected car, the moment at which self-driving cars will be running on our roads. Automated driving cuts out human error, reduces the accident rate and makes life easier for passengers. As well as many advantages, ...