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  • How to phase artificial intelligence into companies?

    Although the takeup of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, there are already many companies who fall into the “early adopter” group with interesting use cases to tell. IDG Research Services sees AI as the next great disrupting factor in business, ...
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    Kick off of the CITIES Timanfaya project

    Under the first phase of the CITIES Timanfaya project a team made up by professionals from Universidad Carlos III and GMV personnel have recently visited Lanzarote to map the terrain and collect data for the tourist route around the island’s volcanoes. The “CITIES Timanfaya” ...
  • GMV and open innovation in the LegalTech sector

    GMV and open innovation in the LegalTech sector

    Finnovating, the strategic consultancy specializing in Open Innovation, has organized the first unconference dealing with the LegalTech sector. Under the banner theme: “More haste less speed; but more company more headway” they wanted to get across the need for building ...
  • Victor Gaspar, GMV’s Country Business Manager, took part in the debate by pointing out the barriers to a cashless existence

    What would happen in Colombia if cash didn’t exist?

    The advent of new technologies and their application as means of payment tends to give the impression that cash is on its way out in the near future. Belying this impression, however, in most of the world’s countries cash is still almost as essential as it was a few years ago, ...