ICT for Business

ICT solutions for Business

The constant evolution of the information technologies industry contributes to a more complete and innovative selection of GMV solutions, which adapt to the needs of each market and company because of a high degree of dedication and continuous research on the use of and proficiency in new technologies.

GMV develops technological solutions and services that help optimize the productive processes of large corporations. Such solutions include the multi-national and multi-lingual Corporate Portal, Data Storage Systems, and vertical Portal incorporating sections of electronic commerce, online travel management, leisure and a mini-site, among others.

The solutions provided by GMV cover the complete life cycle of a project, beginning with consulting, which is an essential practice to adjust and evaluate the specific needs of the clients. The combined task of integration and infrastructures then leads to the development and execution of the services required.

Many different business models are evaluated and considered during the development process, such as outsourcing. The developments are designed to maintain long-term relationships with the client, always executing each combination under the watchful eye of Information Systems Security. GMV understands the security process and the developments of e-Solutions to be live business mechanisms, in constant evolution and enhancement.

GMV's strategy is based on supporting its clients' business methods through solutions of high added value through technological innovation. GMV provides specialized services such as software engineering and development, as well as turnkey systems and it respects a high degree of commitment to the quality and technological excellence of the solutions and services provided in all its operations.