Security Services

GMV’s practical experience and expertise helps banks assess, design, implement and check the most suitable security measures in terms of outlay and efficiency 

Vulnerability management

  • Periodic vulnerability check in client’s platforms; GMV provides this service through its inhouse gestvul platform 
  • 10 years in operation and evolution 
  • 10000+ IPs in many different clients 
  • Characteristics: 
    • External and internal IPs 
    • Consolidated results 
    • Gauges the evolution of security 
    • Monitoring of mean problem-solving times 

  • Ensures legislation compliance
    • Support of PCI/DSS

Specialized intrusion test 

  • Internet, internal networks, third-party access 
  • ATM, alarm centers, branches, handhelds, etc 
  • GMV standard-based methodology 
  • Hundreds of systems analyzed
  • Auditing of banking architectures and applications
  • Corporate and client applications 
  • Analysis of banking architectures 
  • Mobile and web banking platforms 
  • A host of clients (under NDAs)

Forensic analysis – Malware laboratory

  • Inhouse expert teams 
  • GMV SOC 24/7 support
  • Specific analysis tools 
  • Design of countermeasures
  • Support for CERT/CSIRT type organizations

Security Platforms

  • Engineering, operation and support 
  • Network and system security 
  • Identity management and SSO 
  • Data security: imperva, arkano 
  • Cybersecurity: Niksum, sourcefire 
  • Antifraud systems: arcsight, intellinx, observeIT




Some of GMV’s banking and insurance clients