Risk and Compliance

GMV boasts top technical-auditing and consultancy experts and carries out management and monitoring systems, all of which help banks to operate in the market with maximum guarantees of security

Risk Analysis

  • IT risk management and measurement 
  • High-skill profiles 
  • Diverse methodologies: Magerit, Cramm, … 
  • Multiple tools 
  • Integration in management systems

Differential analysis (Gap)

  • Identification of checks 
  • Standards and best practices 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Recommendations and strengths

Digital Surveillance - atalaya

  • Real time knowledge of what is being said on internet about a theme, a brand, a person … 
  • Potential threats from organized groups 
  • Sensitive information leaks 
  • Inhouse GMV platform
  • Multiple sources 
    • Social networking sites 
    • P2P networks
    • Search engines 
    • Blogs, Forums, etc.. 
    • Underground 
  • Configurable search topics 
  • Heuristic algorithms for filtering out irrelevant information 
  • Alerts and reports

Management Systems Consultancy

  • Cybersecurity: Standard ISO27000 and the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD) 
  • 20+ certified companies including several banks 
  • Diverse sectors and scopes 
  • Business continuity: Standard BS25999 and ISO 22301 
  • BIA, BCP and certification for several sectors 
  • Based on PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

PCI/DSS Auditing

  • ASV certification (Approved Scanning Vendor) 
  • Obligatory periodic scans 
  • GMV products are all PCI/DSS compliant




GMV’s Banking and Insurance clients