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  • Adecco II

    GMV joins the #CEOPorLaDiversidad Alliance

    On 16 October Mónica Martínez, GMV’s president, formalized GMV’s membership of the Alianza #CEOPorLaDiversidad (CEOsforDiversity Alliance in a ceremony held in the Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Fundación Adecco. This alliance, now backed ...
  • GMV is collaborating in ATMIA Next Gent Champion, giving its view of what cybersecurity should look like in this new model, where the mutual interoperability of ATMs and cell phones opens the door to new risks that we must know how to tackle from day one.

    Is it possible to talk about ATMs in the digital banking transformation?

    We are now living in a digital era in which organizations have to cope with an ever-changing environment bristling with challenges and opportunities. Businesses and companies across the board are joining in the digital revolution, creating new ecosystems based on disruptive business ...
  • Victor Gaspar, GMV’s Country Business Manager, took part in the debate by pointing out the barriers to a cashless existence

    What would happen in Colombia if cash didn’t exist?

    The advent of new technologies and their application as means of payment tends to give the impression that cash is on its way out in the near future. Belying this impression, however, in most of the world’s countries cash is still almost as essential as it was a few years ago, ...
  • MWC 0

    GMV takes part in the latest MWC

    From 25 to 28 February GMV will be present at the latest Mobile World Congress (MWC), which brings together every year the top handheld manufacturers and cutting-edge technology firms, turning Barcelona into the world technology capital. ...
  • Juan Jesús León Cobos, New Developments and Products Manager of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions sector, analyzes ATM cybersecurity trends

    Cash use will still be important even in the digital era

    As mobile payment methods go from strength to strength, various media outlets have speculated about the possibility of cash and ATMs disappearing in the not too distant future. Is this realistic? The truth is that ATMs are still playing a crucial role in the financial sector, and ...
  • GMV has been showcasing the benefits of its checker ATM Security product at RBR and EAST

    ATM security must be banks’ top priority

    Last year saw a 230% rise in ATM malware and cyberattacks in comparison with 2016. Associated losses rose from 0.46 million to 1.52 million euros. These figures, from the report of the European Association for Secure Transactions  (EAST), show how the financial sector faces ...
  • Syncormatics O

    GMV completes its Syncromatics takeover

    GMV has now completed its takeover of Syncromatics, a technology company specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS) or Software in the Cloud solutions for the public intelligent transportation systems (ITS) market. This agreement forms part of the investment initiated by GMV in ...