Cloud- Security & Services

GMV boasts top technical-auditing and consultancy experts and carries out management and monitoring systems, all of which help banks to operate in the market with maximum guarantees of security

Cloud Infrastructure Consultancy 

  • Evolution to cloud architectures 
  • Assessment of migration risk 
  • Technological consultancy 
  • Compliance with standards

Security auditing of cloud applications

  • Multiple clients with cloud applications 
  • Application robustness tests 
  • Continual vulnerability monitoring 
  • Diagnosis and design of specific security measures

DRM Service

  • Management of information access rights
  • Data-embedded cryptographic mechanisms 
  • Documents, email, web content and HMTL documents
  • Usability and cost reduction 
  • Designed for the cloud

Authentication Services 

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) service
  • Solves the most burning security issues 
    • Trojans 
    • Man-In-The-Middle 
    • Social engineering 
  • Smartphone-as-a-token




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