Big Data - Business Analytics Solutions

Big Data - Business Analytics

Big Data and Big Analytics: Consultancy on Big Data migration, platform installation, investigation services and data mining

We boast a wealth of experience in setting up Big Data architecture and in the data collection process itself. We run fraud data models that standardize this problem, even when the bank is trading in different countries.

GMV’s approach is both proactive and reactive in order to tackle the problem completely, always seeking the quickest possible response. Traditional fraud prevention systems are thus enriched by both Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, setting up a fraud information repository and mining it to strengthen the system and expand and complement the traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.

  • Big Data migration consultancy
  • Platform deployment
  • Specialist cybersecurity mining and data scientist service
  • Advanced SIEM with Big Data: GMV has drawn on all its Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity expertise to develop a robust and flexible system that enhances and complements traditional SIEMs, grafting on huge volumes of information of diverse type and categorizing the behavior of users and systems (flagging up any anomalous situations). This solution enables any organization to expand its security on the basis of diverse information sources, going well beyond the possibilities of a traditional SIEM.