Fraud Prevention

Development and installation of fraud-detection and control systems, control of fraudulent ATM activities, and business process outsourcing (BPO) fraud

Design and development of fraud monitoring systems

  • Integration of commercial products and development of custom solutions

Control of ATM fraud

  • Centralized security management system in ATM networks and financial self-service systems 
  • Automation with security policies 
  • checker ATM Security: Market leader

BPO Fraud

  • GMV service with personnel onsite in client offices or remotely 
  • Classification and analysis of available sources 
  • KPI definition, continual reporting for executive levels

Fraud knowledge management 

  • New methodologies for unearthing new threats 
  • Based on a huge amount of available information 
  • Data mining, machine learning, statistics and other disciplines are necessary for tackling cybersecurity challenges 
  • KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Database)

Fraud Detection Systems 

  • Early fraud detection systems 
  • Groundbreaking IA technology (AIS) 
  • Fusion of detection algorithms to improve results 
  • Application to fraud in diverse environments (now cards) 
  • Work in collaboration with a Spanish banking group




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