Cyber Security for the Connected Car

As vehicles become increasingly connected and autonomous, the security and integrity of automotive systems is a top priority for GMV. Increases in use of shared information and in-vehicle communication have made cars vulnerable to cyberattacks. Each electronic control unit (ECU) and the increasing array of sensors they work with must be secured in some shape or form, whether it is via cooperating or co-processors, code verification, protection of data at rest and in transit, or other capabilities that have become common in Internet security. While automakers share a common commitment to vehicle cyber security, their electrical architectures, connected services, and organizational compositions vary.

GMV considers itself fortunate to be in a unique position to collaborate with the technology, security, and automotive industries to advance the analytics, research, standards, and best practices on secure driving experiences. GMV is developing a complete range of products for guaranteeing security of connected and autonomous vehicles at different levels and applying unique solutions in the field.