Connected Car

The connected car provides for data transfer between the car and its surroundings. In-vehicle connectivity is provided either through a built-in communication module or other devices, such as smartphones. V2X communication's ability to wirelessly exchange information about the speed and position of the vehicle concerned or surrounding vehicles and other relevant vehicle-related information shows great promise in helping to avoid crashes, ease traffic congestion and improve the environment. That's why GMV has been working with the automotive industry and academic institutions for more than 30 years to realize V2X's lifesaving potential.


In many respects today's vehicles are already connected devices. However, in the very near future they will also interact directly with each other and with the road infrastructure. This interaction is the domain of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), which will allow road users and traffic managers to share information and use it to coordinate their actions. This cooperative element - enabled by digital connectivity between vehicles and between vehicles and transport infrastructure - is expected to significantly improve road safety, traffic efficiency and driving comfort  by helping the driver to take the right decisions and adapt to the traffic situation.

GMV works hard to offer technology and solutions which materialize the defined C-ITS for day-1, day 1.5 and also day 2 such as Slow or stationary vehicle(s) & Traffic ahead warning, Emergency brake light, In-vehicle signage, Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA), Probe vehicle data and others.


Telematics describes a wide range of automotive connectivity solutions that leverage a telematics control unit (TCU) incorporating some form of cellular communication to create an automatic system. GMV develops solutions to enable seamless, connected lifestyles for the home, car, stage and enterprise. GMV mobile connectivity solutions set the industry standard for keeping drivers and passengers in touch with the world around them.


Embedded infotainment solutions offer complete information, entertainment and communications capabilities. GMV offers 3D and augmented navigation, multimedia support and smart apps for device integration, high speed connectivity, intuitive and multi-modal user interfaces, and a new generation of automotive cloud services. Regardless of whether it's a matter of connecting vehicles to each other (Car 2 Car/C2C) or to the infrastructure (Car 2 Infrastructure/C2I), the products we develop consistently focus on the objective of making driving safer and more comfortable, thereby enabling drivers to concentrate fully on the road and on driving.

With more than 33 years of experience, we are in a position to offer our customers reliable and highly innovative telematics and connectivity solutions for a wide range of applications.


We invest in the future of mobility and are a pioneer in the realm of innovative mobility services. With smartphone based mobility concepts, we optimize the use of existing transportation infrastructure and develop flexible and ecofriendly mobility solutions of the future. GMV links systems inside and outside the vehicle to intelligent mobility solutions, thus making the driving experience a much smarter one. For economical, efficient, safe, and comfortable mobility that delights and thrills both driver and passenger.


  • Collaborative Parking
  • Car sharing
  • Services for intelligent vehicle use of the infrastructure
  • Remote-vehicle diagnosis
  • Emergency and breakdown assistance
  • Driver profile-related applications