xky (Partitioning Operating System)

xky is GMV’s novel commercial operating system product currently being developed by GMV, to obtain an assurance level compatible with the highest aeronautic certification requirements (DAL-A).

xky is an ARINC 653-compliant time-and-space partitioned real time operating system (RTOS), intended to serve the backbone of an IMA implementation.

In contrast with the currently available commercial operating systems, xky technology has been developed, from its inception, with a hypervisor architecture, targeting a minimal implementation fulfilling the essential IMA requirements of robust partitioning. xky combines modularity and flexibility with a small footprint, enabling xky to be a cost-effective alternative solution with targeted product features oriented towards the aeronautical market. As well, xky technology catalysis SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) reduction in complex safety critical systems.

xky runs on ARM v7, and PowerPC 32 and 64 bits, with multi-core support, and can easily be adapted to other CPU types.

Please contact us at ima@gmv.com