Transladem highlights

A demand-response transport system gives the various stakeholders the following advantages:

  • Advantages for passengers
    • A transport service that did not previously exist: adapted vehicles, locations that scheduled routes do not reach
    • Various channels of communication for booking the service
    • Speedier service: vehicles stop only where a service request has been made
    • Real time information (mobile APP, bus-stop panels and website)
Cost saving
  • Advantages for the transport operator
    • Designing of optimized routes at lower cost
    • Increasing ridership on the strength of service improvement
    • Improved image as seen by passengers and transport authorities
  • Advantages for the transport authority and regional government
    • Analysis tools: service quality, passenger response, etc.
    • Greater control over the transport operator and reduction of subsidies
    • Extrapolation of the service to other routes or citizen services
    • Improved image as seen by passengers
    • Reduction in vehicle-emission pollution