srx-10i Product Data Sheet

srx-10i provides the following capabilities for GPS interference detection and analysis:

  • Supported bands: GPS L1 and Galileo E1

  • Bandwidth: 16 MHz (1575.42 ± 8 MHz) @ 1 bit

  • Configurable interference mask

  • Configurable spectrum resolution (100 Hz to 50 KHz)

  • Continuous wave and band limited interference characterization

  • Outputs:
    • Power Spectral Density (PSD) in the L1/E1 bands
    • Detected interference features: central frequency, bandwidth, power
    • Daily summaries of interferences

  • Local recording of raw samples for post-processing

  • Automatic generation of reports in pdf and html formats

  • Comparisons between several interference monitoring stations

  • Temporal analyses of PSD

  • Developed in accordance with ICAO 8071 recommendations