srx-10i Real-Time Dual-Band spectrum monitoring, interference detection and analysis system

srx-10i is a complete spectrum monitoring, interference detection and analysis system in the GNSS bands fully developed by GMV following the ICAO 8071 recommendations.

Unintentional interferences can emanate from telecommunication and electronic systems such as FM/TV transmitter harmonics, AM transmitters, maritime/military communications and mobile phone networks. Intentional interferences can emanate from jamming devices and GPS Repeaters.

The system has been designed to fulfill the need of spectrum monitoring whenever GNSS (i.e. GPS, Galileo, Glonass...) is used in support of the operation of critical infrastructures such as airports.

The system offers the following benefits:

  • Uninterrupted, automatic operation for continuous monitoring of interferences in GNSS bands.
  • Dual-band simultaneous monitoring (e.g. GPSL1/Galileo E5 and GPSL5/GalileoE5a).
  • Identification and characterization of interference sources
  • Interference sensors designed to optimize production costs and enable deployment in multiple points in the area to be monitored
  • Connectivity to customer and/or national alert management systems

The srx-10i records raw digital samples whenever an interference event is detected, and includes a built-in analysis tool for later post-processing and detailed analysis.

The system can be easily integrated in already existing GNSS monitoring networks (e.g.; GPS, SBAS or GBAS monitoring systems) and with existing alert management systems.

A real-time interference detection system based on srx-10i is currently installed at 11 major airports in Spain where GNSS approach procedures are published.


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