srx-10 Front-End

The srx-10 front-end HW has been fully developed by GMV. It is connected to the host processor through a USB port that allows real-time communication.

The srx-10 allows the user to configure many front-end parameters. In particular, RF bandwidth and sampling frequency can be configured, which allows adapting the front-end to the computational capabilities of the host processor and to the specific application.

The following figures show the front and rear views of the srx-10 front-end integrated circuit, RF input, USB interface and enclosure:

srx-10 Front-end: Front view
srx-10 Front-end: Rear view
srx-10 Front-end: Enclosure

External clock connectivity is allowed in order to use several front-ends with common shared clock, which can be very useful for multiple-antenna applications. The following figures show a special arrangement of 6 front-ends connected to a common clock reference:

Multiple srx-10 front-ends arrangement
Multiple srx-10 front-ends arrangement