srx-10 Defined Multi-Constellation GNSS Receiver

The srx-10 product is a hosted software defined radio (SDR) multi-constellation GNSS receiver fully developed by GMV and capable to track GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and SBAS signals in the L1 band. The srx-10 receiver is able to provide an accurate multi-GNSS PVT solution along with an integrity layer (Horizontal Protection Levels) based on GMV proprietary algorithms. The integrity feature offers a significant added value that enables safety and liability critical applications like for example reliable road tolling.

As a fully hosted solution, a general purpose CPU can host all software defined receiver functions, even signal acquisition and tracking, with the only requirement of adding on a low cost RF front-end.

In order to target mass-market applications the software receiver is optimized to run on low cost CPU platforms. Versions ported to Pentium, Atom, XScale (PXA270) and ARM9-SAMSUNG 2440 processors are available.

With this approach, GMV’s product aims to offer GPS, GLONASS and Galileo reception, and SBAS augmentation with almost zero marginal production costs. User devices for personnel location and telematics applications will therefore be able to slash their BOM cost compared to conventional hardware receivers or partially hosted hardware receivers.

Other benefits offered by GMV’s software receiver are its enormous flexibility and upgradeability. Since it is a fully hosted solution, there is no need to change any HW; this makes it much easier to phase in new features and market receiver customizations. In the case of automotive OEMs this feature will allow remote in-factory upgrading of telematics devices to include the latest available GNSS services.

The extensive test campaigns carried out with low cost CPUs in urban and non-urban scenarios are providing performances very similar to those offered by conventional world class mass-market receivers.

The latest versions of srx-10 incorporate advanced signal processing techniques to deliver high-quality carrier phase measurements suitable for accurate positioning based on RTK and PPP.

Due to its flexibility and modular design, the srx-10 is also an ideal engineering tool to prototype and test innovative signal processing techniques and perform engineering trade-offs among different options.

srx-10 Overview

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