SOCRATES is a holistic suite of border-surveillance tools comprising the following components:

  • SOCRATES CO (Centre of Operations): GMV’s Socrates CO provides complete shared situational awareness. It supports data exchange among Socrates' clients (mobile & desktop) providing SOA (Web Services) interfaces to interact with external systems
  • SOCRATES FR (First Responder) is a particular instance of Socrates CO specifically designed to be installed in mobile/deployed units.
  • SOCRATES TSK (sensor tasking) is an innovative solution following an SOA architecture that fulfils the needs of multinational/multiagency Border Surveillance Missions including decision aids for optimization of resources.
  • SOCRATES SET (Sensor Exploitation Tool) used for:
    • Imagery Exploitation. Implementing advanced capabilities for exploiting images (Image chipping, Georeferencing, Image correction, Image annotation).
    • Video exploitation: video player with simultaneous reproduction of several videos, presentation of KLV metadata, recording of video clips, generation of Screenshots
    • Tracking and Fusion. Implementing state-of-the-art algorithms for tracking and fusion of GMTI tracks with Link16 tracks.
  • SOCRATES BI (Business Intelligence). A data warehouse with a basic data-mining functionality. It also provides advanced reporting: Preloaded reports, Dynamic reports, Georeporting.