smart rings highlights

Powerful reconfiguration algorithm

smart rings features an extremely powerful built-in reconfiguration algorithm allowing the payload engineers to quickly find the best new configuration when a payload reconfiguration is required. It can also be used as a powerful "what if" analysis tool.


Along with the powerful reconfiguration algorithm, another key feature of smart rings is its first-class usability.

The tool features an intuitive GUI which includes innovative synoptic views for visualizing the payload configuration solutions provided by the tool as well as tabular and matrix views for presenting detailed data.

The GUI design allows the payload engineers to quickly access all the relevant data and easily analyze the different configurations proposed by the tool. Moreover, the GUI is always customized for each payload in order to make the tool as useful as possible.

All solutions provided

smart rings is capable of finding all available payload reconfiguration solutions for a given problem. Each solution incorporates a series of characterization criteria (signal attenuation, number of switches a channel needs to cross, number of disturbed channels, etc.) and detailed relevant data (devices affected by the reconfiguration, channels affected by the reconfiguration, etc.) allowing the payload engineer to select the most efficient reconfiguration.

Automatic payload reconfiguration support

smart rings is designed to smoothly integrate with any target satellite control system. It is able to capture the payload status from the satellite telemetry and to generate a complete reconfiguration procedure that can be automatically executed by the satellite control system.

On top of these features, smart rings is:

  • Flight proven
  • Easy to integrate into any operational environment
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to operate and maintain

smart rings has:

  • No ITAR constraints
  • No third-party COTS licenses
  • A flexible license policy
  • System requirements: Windows XP, 1,4 GHz Pentium or equivalent, 512 MB RAM minimum and 25Mb free disk
smart rings