smart rings Reconfiguration algorithm

The brains of smart rings.

In case of a mismatch between the payload plan and the current payload configuration, the reconfiguration algorithm is able to solve the problem. The user can specify:

  • Which channels cannot be disturbed
  • Maximum number of channels to be disturbed
  • Maximum number of switches in a channel path
  • Maximum signal degradation (such as maximum attenuation) that can be incurred through a channel path

smart rings reconfiguration algorithm provides all solutions compatible with the payload plan and user specified criteria. And does so in seconds or minutes, not hours.

The user can then analyze the solutions to select the one better suiting the operational conditions by:

  • Visualizing them
  • Sorting them by characterization criteria
  • Highlighting channel paths

The payload plan, current and solution configurations make up a scenario that can be saved/loaded to/from disk.

Reconfiguration algorithm