smart rings

smart rings is GMV's answer to satellite operators challenging demands for efficient management and quick reconfiguration of increasingly complex satellite communication payloads.

smart rings provides operators with the capability to manage the entire satellite communication payload, including signal quality parameters, from receiving to transmitting antennas. It is an extremely useful tool that allows payload engineers to quickly obtain the optimal reconfiguration of the satellite payload either in case of changes in the transmission plan or in response to component failures.

The power of smart rings lies in the reconfiguration algorithm and in a superb visualization . The reconfiguration algorithm provides dozens of solutions in seconds enabling the payload engineers to use smart rings either when an unexpected reconfiguration is required, allowing to minimize the payload downtime, or, alternatively, as a powerful "what if" analysis tool . For this purpose smart rings provides a number of capabilities such as saving and further loading of different configuration scenarios, generating detailed configuration solution reports, displaying enhanced channel/signal path visualization, etc.

Always get the optimal payload configuration throughout the entire satellite lifetime

smart rings is a stand-alone tool which allows payload engineers to obtain the optimal configuration of the satellite payload in terms of maximizing the use of the payload resources and signal quality as well as minimizing payload downtime and the impact of the reconfiguration process on the active channels.

smart rings has been designed to manage the increasingly complex payloads of communications satellites while it remains a valuable tool to assist the payload engineers in the reconfiguration process regardless of payload complexity.

New life for older satellites

Payloads are designed to limit the number of spare units based on the expected lifetime of the satellite and of each payload device. So when the satellite gets close to the end of its life, the payload usually has a number of failed devices.

In this situation, when finding the correct configuration gets increasingly more difficult , smart rings becomes an even more valuable tool. Moreover, using the analysis capabilities of smart rings it is possible to identify the best configuration not only based on the current transmission plan and payload status but also based on the impact additional unit failures may have.

Training and In-Orbit-Testing

smart rings is also a valuable tool for payload engineers training and for In-Orbit-Testing since it can easily manage complete payload reconfigurations.

smart rings