simons is a ship monitoring system capable of detecting and tracking ships by combining Earth Observation imaging and Cooperative streaming technologies. The suite is conceived as a background processing module that can be integrated / connected to higher level, added-value systems / services. This modular vision extends to intra simons architecture where independent and highly efficient sub-modules are inter-linked. simons can work with any EO imagery and cooperative streams, and all the standard data formats are admitted. Outputs are provided by means of layers of information that are published through web services or an advanced GMV’s border surveillance suite called Socrates.

simons has been successfully tested in a large range of operational campaigns with very diverse observational conditions and tracks of interest. In most of them, ground-truth has been available and simons performance has been accurately tested. Exercises particularly worth mentioning, due to the clear practical added-value they provided, are the location of a small out-of-order boat with migrants whose health conditions were rapidly worsening or the location of a ship suspected of conducting illegal fishing activities. Both cases allowed authorities to activate in-situ means that confirmed the information provided by simons.