sima Key Features

sima provides robust partitioning; programs with strict hard real time constraints and different criticality levels can co-exist on the same processing hardware without interfering with each other.

The behavior of the application is the same as on the target platform, therefore sima ensures full portability with no code changes from the development environment to the final target platform. Vice versa it is also fully supported for seamless integration with the tool-chain of the platform provider.

Hard real-time behavior on low cost Linux, overcoming the high latency problem with the reduction of non-pre-emptible kernel approaches to a minimum.

Includes the Module Operative System (MOS) program whose purpose is:

  • The scheduling of partitioned applications
  • Health monitor, management of error events at module, partition and process level.

MOS output, up to six partitions, is presented in a graphical environment called SIMOUT.

sima MOS

All ARINC 653 services (Part 1) and extended services (Part 2) are implemented by sima.

ARINC 653 ports are implemented with support to a Unicast and Multicast communication environment.