Communications system for sea fishing inspection and surveillance

This system equips the organizations and agents performing inspection and surveillance with the necessary tools to exchange information and to support their operations. Comprised of a control center and a variety of user terminals (fixed and mobile - PDAs -), the system allows the user to create, edit and publish new forms or specific information requests to the network. It is also possible to download already existing inspection certificates. All this is done in real time, which contributes to an increased effectiveness and keeps inspections from being duplicated. It also allows access to information over the Internet.

Emergency and support management system for search and rescue operations

This system coordinates the search and rescue operations in the maritime environment from the control center. It also allows connecting to the already existing maritime traffic control systems, which together with the implementation of a geographic information system enable support in case of emergency.

Maritime and river traffic management system

This system manages different aspects of fleets of ships used in the transportation of goods and passengers:

  • Navigation aid: positioning, course and speed
  • Traffic management: ships monitoring and tracking; collisions detection
  • Determination of navigation channel: bathymetric exploration
  • Information about navigation conditions: measurement of different variables (pressure, temperature, volume, level)
  • Safety: response to ship alarms
  • Cargo management, intermodality, traceability: tracking of stocks in real time, coordinated performance for different means transportation, traceability of valuable, perishable or singular items
  • Optimal resource management: tools for the schedule management, sign in/sign out and human resources and materials

Multi-Application port-management platform

shipLocus® covers the needs of harbor authorities and port operators in different service areas, providing for the real-time monitoring of ships, the streamlining of port planning, integration of intermodal transport, management of stopovers, running marinas and the monitoring and control of navigation aids.